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Car Title Loans in Long Beach

Getting a loan these days is very difficult to do – given the economic crisis at hand and all the banking problems as of late. Sure the banks get a bail out when they get in trouble, but who is here to help the little people. The answer is us. We can give you a car title loan in Long Beach for over $3,000 in as little as 15 minutes. Apply now or call (562) 733-2637 to get started.

Auto Title Loans are Bad Credit Friendly

If you are recovering from a bankruptcy, or have really bad credit, an auto title loan is a great way to get yourself the financial help you need. The reason for this is that a credit check is not necessary when getting a title loan. That is right – we don’t even check your credit! The reason is that when you get a car title loan in Long Beach, the book value of your vehicle acts as collateral. In essence your car is your credit. The more your car is worth, the more we can loan you!

How auto equity loans work

Title Loans, also known as auto equity loans, work like secured loans. How it works is that you transfer the title of your car over to us, similar to if you sold it, and then pay it off to us similar to how an auto loan works. What makes auto title loans great is that you get to keep your car during your loan with us. This makes it a convenient source of financial help for people since most of us need a car to get to and from work in Long Beach.